Activities at the Cyprus Maze

We have a wide range of activities available at Cyherbia.


The Maze


Come and try to find the hidden items inside the ONLY Hedge Maze in Cyprus.

Try and find your way out too!


The Herb Gardens


Come and take a stroll around the 9 different gardens, see, smell and feel the herbs which are used in our everyday lives.

Herbs for cooking, eating, drinking, bathing etc. All organically grown and all indigenous to Cyprus.

Take a rest and enjoy a cup of herbal tea in our covered tea room.


Woodland Walk


Take a stroll around Cyprus, all in one day!

We have a woodland walk inside our Cypress trees, which takes you to all the major seaside towns.

Walk from Paphos to Ayia Napa in less than 15 minutes!

Enjoy the trees and shrubs at different times of the year, the smells of the flowers and the gentle hum of the bees and insects feasting on the nectar.